Aqua Fitness

Plunge into aqua fitness

Perfect for all levels of conditioning

Aqua fitness is a great first step for those looking to begin a fitness regimen, without adding the stress on your joints. The water provides a cooling effect to your body while massaging your muscles, which helps to mitigate soreness and strain. Additionally, as with any exercise program, you can make it as challenging or as easy as you need it to be.

Dive into Aqua Fitness Classes

  • Boot Camp – Experience the challenge and rigor of boot camp without the impact
  • Cuff & Core – Focus on core stability while challenging balance and alignment
  • H2O Robics – Engage in 30 minutes of fat-burning aerobics and strength training utilizing water resistance and various props
  • High Cardio Jam – Energizing and upbeat workout to start the weekend off right
  • Interval – Intense intervals of cardio, strength and sculpting exercises to enhance your fitness level
  • Just Shallow – Learn to utilize your own body strength and balance for a complete workout in the shallow water
  • Liquid Iron – Traditional water aerobics using hand weights to strengthen and build muscle
  • Master Swim – Multi-level 75 minute swim fitness workout, ranging in length from 2700 – 4500 yards
  • Plyolateral – Dynamic jumping sequences mixed with lateral movements to improve balance, posture and core strength
  • Introductory Session – Learn how to utilize the water to create a workout customized to your fitness goals

Remember to consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

Our Aqua Fitness classes are designed to improve your flexibility and strength, and build endurance.

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