Whether you are a new or seasoned athlete, spinning is for everyone. It is a stationary cycling class focusing on a combination of movements, strategies and techniques that will help you maximize energy both physically and mentally.

There is no impact or stress involved in Spinning, unlike most other indoor workouts. Mentally, the ride is structured so anyone can participate in the entire journey at their own pace and level. Visualization techniques and motivational music provide the incentive to complete your Spinning journey. Heart rate training and proper form provide for a terrific way to tone while gaining physical as well as cardiovascular strength and endurance.

We are a Johnny G. licensed club and follow the Madd Dog Athletics Guidelines. Instructors stay up to date on the latest developments in spinning to make your ride safe, challenging and effective.

Located across the hall from our group exercise room, the spinning room will draw you in with its energy and won’t let you out until you’ve completed an invigorating ride! The dimly-lit room is perfect for you to cruise down the road on one of our 18 finely-tuned Schwinn Evolution Bikes.

Guidelines For New Participants

Inform the Instructor you are a New Participant – Our instructors need to know before you get on a bike. They will provide you with a quick overview of the bike and set you up properly, making sure you are aware of hand positions, resistance knob and various safety issues.

Arrive 15 Minutes Early if You Are a First Time Participant – Your instructor needs to get you set up on the spin bike. Proper setup is essential in preventing injury and making your ride as comfortable as possible. Let the instructor know if you have any knee or back problems or any other concerns.

General Guidelines

Sign Up for Classes – Due to the limited amount of bikes, we require that participants sign up for classes. Go to the front desk and ask the desk person to sign you up for the class you’d like to attend and your bike is reserved for that time slot. You may sign up 6 days ahead of time or right before a class. Keep in mind that during the Winter a lot of our classes reach capacity. We offer a Standby list for every class that is at capacity, so if a signed up participant does not show up five minutes before class, you may take their slot.

Get Your Spin Card from the Front Desk – Everyone needs to pick up a spin card/sign in at the front desk to ensure that their spin bike has been reserved. We do this so that we do not overbook classes.

Bring Water Bottle, Towel and Spin Card to Class – Water and towels are essential to your spin ride. Bring at least 24oz of water; we encourage participants to drink 1 oz for every minute on the spin bike. You will sweat during class and will need a towel to wipe excess moisture. Please leave your Spin card in front of the bike you are going to be riding. The instructor will pick them up prior to class.

Go at Your Own Pace – Spinning is not competitive! It is structured so that you may go as hard or as easy as you wish. Instructors may help you with your form, but it is the individual’s ride.

Don’t be Intimated by the Fitness Level of Other Spinners – We have all levels in our spin classes: Beginners, intermediate, advanced and outdoor cyclists. Everyone is there to ride their own ride. You may find some participants following the instructor to the letter and other participants doing their own thing. Energy levels and fitness levels can be different day to day. We encourage everyone to pay attention to how they feel and modify their ride as such.

Spinning Courtesies – All participants are asked to wipe down their bikes after class. Rags and spray are provided. Please remove handlebars and bring seats posts to the highest position possible. This prevents rusting and corrosion.

If you are already familiar with spinning please make sure that you get your card 5 minutes prior to class to ensure your bike is reserved.

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